Startups are the newest trend in business, and they are emerging almost everywhere with significant funding unique ideas. But there is a substantial probability that somewhere someone has already come up with the same idea. The competition in the market is at its highest, and it is crucial to check it your product already exists. You will need to make sure that your product or services are 100% original so that it maintains authenticity and is entirely new for the targeted market. Typically, there are two ways to conduct market research, Internet research and ground research. Internet research involves going through multiple webpages and sites to check for similar content as your idea. Ground research is talking to people in the industry and figuring out if the concept already exists.

The most effective tool is internet research as it covers a wide variety of people in different geographical regions. Most startups fail because they overlook the importance of sufficient internet research and believe a lot in the potential of their idea, which is good but that potential will be heavily damaged if there are competitors and that’s why understanding the market is immensely significant.

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There is no point in moving forward with your idea if you have not conducted thorough market research. All new entrepreneurs are under the impression that the product they are providing is in high demand. It is effortless to come up with ideas but its comparatively tough to sustain those ideas. Market research will help in creating a channelized way in which you should move forward. It will make you aware of any real competition and their weak points, and through this data, you can formulate plans on how to overcome these industry-specific problems and save on costs in a longer run such as personalized housewarming gifts that leads a huge market.

The key to launching a startup perfectly is getting hold of investors who should see the capability of your product. The only way to achieve that is by having enough data on the market and its future plans. Until the investors are sure that your idea has the capacity to create its own demand and pull the consumer spectrum towards this product, they will not let go of their money. An excellent presentation about your knowledge of the market and the product’s flair to stand firm against any competition will ensure continued funding and support from the investors.


To make your research more concrete, you should go through all kinds of business news related to your product, scan through as many webpages as possible to check for competition, go through government directories and consult a law professional to make sure everything is legal and on track. You cannot conduct proper research if you don’t like reading, it is vital to develop this habit as it will improve your confidence, communication skills, vocabulary and knowledge.